Effective teaching & learning techniques (1st session)

Date and Time  : 10-07-2020, 10:00 – 11:20 am

Facilitator: Dr. Shweta Naik.

In this webinar, Dr. Thakur ma’am discussed

  • Qualities of effective teacher
  • Essentials of good teaching
  • How do we create an environment that keeps students stimulated
  • The pyramid of learning
  • Retention techniques that she used for effective biology instruction.
    Flow of her lecture used be like: Introduction – Preview – Chart/diagrams – explanation –ask students to duplicate drawing on the board – interact with student s when they are drawing in their notebooks – repetition of explanation – 5 min written quiz – self assessment (asking students to check their answer)

Experiences and points shared by others

  • Poorna ma’am shared simple strategies which she uses in her class to attract students’ attention and keep them stimulated. For example, discussing points which are not given in textbook but are related to the topic being discussed, using worksheets, showing simple experiments, etc.
  • Ujwala ma’am said that it is very important to give time to each student. Teachers should try to communicate with as many students as possible. 
  • Rutuja ma’am from Somaiya College said that students especially from vernacular medium find the biology words hard to learn. So, she conducts an extra lecture for these students. She asks them to explain how a particular word is related to a given diagram, how it can be used in a sentence, etc.
  • Kavita ma’am who is a science teacher told that she tries to be friendlier with students. She talks to them like a family and focuses on doing experiments. 
  • Dr. Rawool ma’am discussed how metacognitive skills i.e. the ability to think about one’s thinking helps students in learning.

Report prepared by: Ms. Megha S. Chougule