Exponential Functions

Date and Time  : 03-07-2020, 10:00 – 11:20 am

Facilitator:  Sandhya Thakur.

  • Dr. Shweta Naik (SN) started the session by illustrating the following classroom scene.
  • A teacher wants to teach her students the concept of negative exponential function in the classroom. For this purpose, she had given the following exercise where students had to complete the following pattern.
  • SN displayed few students’ responses and posed questions to the teachers present in this webinar that ‘what possible logic students might have used to find out the value of 2-1.
  • Then SN discussed what the teacher in this class scene was expecting from students. And also discussed what students have concluded from the pattern given in the exercise.
  • Also, discussion took place on the following topics:
    • The definition of Exponential function (x2= 1.x2).
    • The important role of coefficient  ‘1’ in the definition of exponential function.
    • Why 23 = 8?
  • SN said that while defining definitions we consider and decide something. And while framing definition language is important.
  • While discussing exponential function, SN also said that in the exponential function an index number is like an order given.  Metaphors are sometimes useful to teach concepts. But,  when concepts become more complicated then interference creates. So, at this point of time teachers should try to clear students’ confusions by doing necessary discussion with students .
  • Satyavati ma’am said that it is essential for teachers to know what students are understanding about exponent while teaching this topic.
  • Subramaniam sir said that it would be good if instead of giving definition directly to the students, give them examples to solve first. And when students solve examples of exponent then at that time teachers can motivate them to understand the definition. Give students an opportunity to come up with a definition of an exponent based on the problems they have solved.
  • Deokar sir said that it is necessary to understand the laws of indices first for better understanding the concept of ‘Exponential function’.

Report prepared by: Ms. Mayuri Pawar.