Learning resources for effective teaching and learning (2nd session)

Date and Time  : 12-07-2020, 10:00 – 11:20 am

Facilitator:  Sandhya Thakur, Narendra Deshmukh & Satyawati Rawool 

The objectives of the webinar were:

  1. To discuss what effective teaching is, how do we define it and the criteria of effective teaching.
  2. To discuss traditional and modern learning resources and interactive teaching methods

Dr. Deshmukh discussed following points in the webinar:

  • His definition of effective teaching.
  • What are learning resources (LR) and how are they utilized in classrooms?
  • Types of learning resources and their role in effective teaching.
  • Tips to use traditional LR (such as blackboard, overhead projectors) and Modern LR (e.g. smart board, video film, 2D non-projected LR, animation, etc)
  • Interactive techniques like buzz session, think/ pair/ share, demonstration, role play, field trips, etc.

Points shared by other teachers:

  • Poorna ma’am discussed how internet is helping in teaching poems. She said that many video and audio files of poetry reading can be found on internet.
  • Prakash sir talked about use of worksheets and demonstrations for effective teaching. He said that if we are using demonstrations or worksheets in class, then our focus should be very clear. Teachers should think about what they actually want to achieve through demonstrations or worksheets. For example, they want students to think on particular aspects or want to develop understanding of a certain topic or want to grab students’ attention. He also gave example of a worksheet he used for teaching an environmental balance chapter.
  • Mayuri elaborated on how challenging activities can be used to teach certain topics in science. She gave an example of balancing nails challenge for teaching gravity. She said that these challenges not only help in engaging students but also help understanding certain concepts.
  • Shaila ma’am explained how she uses board and charts in her classroom. She said that every weak she explains some charts to students and takes tests on the basis of those charts.
  • Sandhya ma’am discussed a research paper that was presented in one of the conference she attended. In that research it was found that students who worked on designing MCQ questions for 2 years, performed better in the exam.
  • Harshada ma’am shared the strategy she used for teaching periodic table to 9th and10th standard students. She assigned one element to each student and asked them to study the uses of that element. Also she asked students to address each other by elements name. Every day one student was supposed to tell the uses of the element assigned to him. This helped students a lot in remembering and understanding periodic table.

Report prepared by: Ms. Megha S. Chougule