Designing worksheets/Teachers’ experiences about worksheet designing – 6 May 2020

Date and Time  : 06-05-2020, 05:00 – 06:00 pm

Co-ordinators : Narendra Deshmukh

In this meeting discussion on  worksheets which were submitted by teachers (which arundhati displayed on a webinar page for everyone’s convenience)  took place.

  1. Teachers explained their worksheets, the aim of their worksheets. HBCSE members also shared their views and suggestions about these worksheets.
  2. Shashikala Birajdar ma’am shared a worksheet of identifying tenses in the Marathi language. Sonawane Ji suggested she make multiple worksheets and distribute the content of a single worksheet in those small worksheets.
  3. Shaila Thakur ma’am shared her worksheet on a topic related to plants. The same teacher also shared photos of her activity of using design and technology for mathematics.
  4. Poorna Patil ma’am shared her worksheet on geometric construction. She also shared her worksheet on magnetic fields after this meeting.

At the end of the meeting teachers asked for worksheets of different topics of Maths and Science made by HBCSE people so they can use them for teaching purposes.

Report prepared by: Mr. Sushant Pawar.