Designing Worksheets or activity Sheet – 24 April 2020

Date and Time  : 24-04-2020, 10:00 – 11:00 pm

Co-ordinators : Narendra Deshmukh

Following points were discussed by Dr. Deshmukh in this webinar:

  • In teaching, it is important to understand learners and their learning environment.
  • Worksheets are one of the teaching recourses which can motivate students to learn without the teacher’s assistance.   
  • While designing worksheets we should keep in mind that learning is an active process. Students’ prior experiences shape learning. So, generally, teachers should first bring prior experience to students’ awareness and then introduce new experiences.
  • During the process of learning, the teacher plays a crucial role in making connections between prior knowledge and newly introduced concepts. So, worksheets should also have this element.
  • Worksheets can be used to convey ideas precisely and effectively. Worksheets can be used to make students think and motivate them to learn on their own. And they can also be used as an evaluation tool. 
  • Before designing teachers should have a clear idea about the purpose of the worksheet.
    • Worksheets should be engaging, enjoyable, and should promote students’ curiosity.
    • Sentences used should be short. Language used in worksheet should not be too formal. Diagrams should be used at appropriate places.
    • There should be enough space for students to write.

Report prepared by: Ms. Megha Chougule.