Designing worksheet – 27 April 2020

Date and Time  : 27-04-2020, 10:00 – 11:00 pm

Co-ordinators : Narendra Deshmukh

General topics covered in this webinar  meeting were:

  1. What is the state of Covid 19 in their area?
  2. Are they connected with their students? If yes then what kind of activities they are doing with students?
  3. What kind of activities have they done with their students which they practiced/ learned in HBCSE?

To which teachers responded as:

  1. They said Covid 19 situation is not very serious in their region.
  2. Some of them are connected with their students via WhatsApp and some of them are not. Those who are connected with their students also added the point in which they said many of their students/parents don’t have WhatsApp which’s why it is difficult to connect with students.
  3. Teachers said they have used many activities which they learned/ practiced in HBCSE few of them are as follows:
    • They prepared worksheets for different topics of the syllabus and gave those to students for solving.
    • Using worksheets seems useful to them since students were showing interest in difficult subjects like maths.
    • They have been asked to share their worksheets on WhatsApp group so other teachers can also use them for their teaching. (which some of them did before the second meeting and they were discussed during the meeting).
    • One teacher said his school didn’t have a science lab. Lab material was shelved. He set up the lab with help of other teachers and students were visiting labs regularly.
    • One teacher mentioned that because of teaching-learning material students are showing interest in learning mathematics. She used matchsticks for the area and perimeter activities. She used to design and technology activities for teaching mathematics (images are attached to that activity). Further, she also added that because of the change in teaching methods her students now love mathematics, when there are options students always give preference to mathematics period over other subjects.
    • Some of the teachers are busy with some surveys and some of them are busy with training of the “ Diksha app” ( government app for teachers).
    • At the end of the meeting, teachers said they will share their worksheets before the second meeting.

Report prepared by: Mr. Sushant Pawar.