Magnet & properties of a magnet – 8 May 2020

Date and Time  : 08-05-2020, 11:00 am – 12:00 noon

Co-ordinators : Vinod Sonawane.

Webinar attended by: NVM & Pen Ashram schools teachers

  • VCS had discussed the following topics in this webinar. Few are listed here
    Magnetic & non-magnetic material, History of Magnet, characteristics of a magnet, attractive and repulsive properties of the magnet, the strength of the magnet, induced magnetism, electromagnet, magnet keeper, use of electromagnet, magnetic lines of force, etc.
  • One of the teachers asked what would happen if the repulsive property of a magnet is used to run vehicles?
    • While answering this question Deokar sir (HM of NVM) said that due to attraction between magnets vehicles will stick to each other.
    • PK also replied that the magnet fixed in the vehicle could also affect other parts of the vehicle made with magnetic materials.
    • VCS told that big magnets used to run the vehicles would make them heavy.
  • Purna ma’am said she had shown the activity of magnetic lines of force demonstrated in the workshop conducted by HBCSE in her school. And it has helped students to understand the concepts better.
  • One of the teachers asked about the concept of induced magnetism. MP answered this by saying; magnetism acquired by a magnetic material when it is kept near a magnet is called induced magnetism.
  • Another question asked by Purna ma’am on which discussion took place was, what happen if bar magnet is hang outside the earth atmosphere or in space?

Report prepared by Ms. Mayuri Pawar.

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