Measurement of Physical Quantities

Date and Time
 : 21-08-2020, 10:00 – 11:20 am

Facilitator: Ms. Mayuri Pawar.

MP discussed the following topics in this webinar based on her teaching experiences in the last year summer camp (2019) and regular classroom sessions.

  • Need of measurement in day-to-day life
  • Meaning of ‘Physical Quantity’ & way to express it
  • Mass, Weight & Difference between them
  • Scalar & Vector Quantity
  • Standardized Measurement
  • Prevailing system of measurement
  • Fundamental Quantities
  • International System of units
  • Major causes of errors in measurement

  • She mentioned a few activities that can help students to understand different concepts in this topic easily. Also, To make the topic interesting she made use of the story.
  • NDD mentioned that in this webinar MP has covered the history of measurement, current research in measurement, the difficulties that teachers had faced while teaching this topic, students difficulties and mistakes done by them, etc. So, overall the session was nice.
  • SC mentioned that information given in the webinar was good.
  • PK mentioned that the session was informative and useful.
  • Harshada madam also mentioned that the session was fascinating and interesting.
  • VCS mentioned that we can make use of a worksheet to explain the topics ‘distance’ and ‘displacement’.
  • ST mentioned that MP has keenly observed and noted students’ learning experiences. In this webinar, she found that MP has not only explained the concepts but also she related it with students’ experiences. And the way she explained it, even laymen can understand it easily.
  • SP said that the session was very nice. And information given in the session was also useful. Especially the information of units. We use the units kilogram, metre, etc for measurement. But people generally aren’t aware about how the standard of the fundamental quantities are decided. In this session, the information about what we call the standard metre and kilogram were given which were really nice.

Report prepared by: Ms. Mayuri Pawar.