Digestive system story

Date and Time  : 13-08-2020, 11:00 – 12:20 am

Facilitator: Narendra Deshmukh(NDD) and Sandhya Thakur(ST).

  • ST started this session in an interesting way.
  • She narrated in the form of a story the classroom experiences that the teacher can experience while teaching the topic ‘Digestive system’.
  • ‘Why do we need food?’, the journey of food starting from the mouth, etc were discussed in an interesting way through this story.
  • While narrating this story she described the students’ curiosity when teachers carry some activity material in the classroom. Also, she discussed the possible questions that can come in students mind while studying this topic.

The few topics on which NDD talked are as follows:

  • Why do we have a digestive system?
  • Main components of a digestive system
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Chemical & Mechanical Digestion
  • Digestive & Accessory organs
  • Digestion Activities & Interactive activities related with this topic

  • Shashikala madam said that ST took the session very nicely. In this narrated story, she performed the role of a teacher as well as students well.
  • VCS mentioned that the experience of Amravati’s workshop related to this topic was also nice where along with female teachers male teachers were also participated. And they performed activities enthusiastically.
  • ST requested all the teachers to share students’ questions with us. She mentioned that we can think of these questions while preparing for the webinar session. She said, “Teachers can do this as they interact with students’ everyday”.