Learn to make online learning interactive

Date and Time  : 17-06-2020, 10:00 am

Facilitator: Dr. Geeta Thakur.

  • Geeta Thakur ma’am started the meeting by saying that lock down has changed people’s attitude towards ICT. We have the chance to do something innovative. To learn these new things we need positive attitude & strong will power. Though ICT is useful, technology cannot replace teachers. However, technology in hands of good teachers can bring transformation.
  • She had make use of poll to check the following information.
    • How many teachers who are attending webinars are teaching in online mode?
    • How many teachers think that online learning can replace classroom teaching?

She discussed the following points to make online learning interactive.

  1. In online teaching, role of teacher is 10% teaching and 90% designing. So, this teaching process is quite time consuming.
  2. The different applications that can be use for online teaching are what’s app, Zoom, Google meet.
  3. If homework, worksheets, activity sheets are sharing through what’s app then teachers can use audio option to give feedback to the students.
  4. During offline learning, students raise their hands to ask questions, doubts or answer the questions. In online learning, we can make use of ‘raise hand’ option for this.
  5. While sharing documents, share in pdf format instead of doc or ppt format. Highlight the important points in the document. While giving printed notes give sticky notes with some message. This gives human touch to this work.
  6. To make online teaching more interesting, create videos using power point presentation using your voice. Make use of paper slide show, table top video, concept mapping.
  7. Since students think while they learn, it is essential to give them step-by-step instructions.
  8. Using mind map software students & teachers can prepare concept map together.
  9. Teachers can use white board available on the site app.ziteboard.com for teaching and can make use of different options provided in it.
  10. One of the greatest advantages of online mode is; easy maintenance of reports, images, worksheets submitted by students. Online mode is the best for that. It reduces teachers’ stress or frustration of maintaining students’ records and reports. Teachers can use Google forms to conduct tests.

Points shared by others:

  • Seema Vichare madam said that we should practice and become habitual of online teaching. She also mentioned that different mediums of learning are available in front of new generation. She also suggested that giving education through Doordarshan channel in this pandemic situation is possible to some extent.
  • PKN and KK agreed that Doordarshan is good option.
  • Trupti mentioned that, to explain some imaginary/abstract concepts animation can be use. To visualise abstract concepts, sometimes videos are useful.
  • Prakash sir mentioned that online teaching has some technical issues like network issue, internet problems etc., We should think of availability of internet facility for people from lower economy backgrounds. Also, because of this online teaching a big difference will create in the society among the students who have online facility and those who don’t have. 
  • Aaloka agreed with PKN and mentioned that the point of increasing gap between students with and without technology access is very important.
  • While sharing her experience Sangita Pandilwar ma’am of NVM said that, students are using what’s app to great extent. Thus it is possible to communicate with them in this lock down condition through what’s app. Students are sending videos of poems. She shared the activities did with her students. She informed her students to perform dance on any poem, write essay on different topics. Students completed these activities and shared with her on what’s app. Then she made collage of all these activities shared by students and kept it as her what’s app status. Looking at this collage, students who didn’t perform activities also started performing activities with interest.
  • Sugra ma’am thanked Geeta ma’am for making session informative, interactive and generating a lot of discussion. She mentioned that, the issue of online versus offline has a numerous dimensions, from educational to social and technological. She said that Geeta madam has covered many of these dimensions in this session. She also emphasized on the fact that, technology is updating fast and we must update ourselves.
  • Shashikala madam mentioned that to make online teaching effective technical training is very much essential. She said that she is trying her best but couldn’t able to understand all the things. Over this point, Geeta madam replied that it takes time to learn new tools. But once we learn one of these online tools, it will be easy for us to use other tools.
  • Deepti Ghate madam mentioned that many times we shared different educational information, videos with students. But, first time through this session I came to know that, we can give audio feedback along with the shared information.
  • NDD said that the objective of this session was to discuss about how to make TLP better using different online tools. We should share our experience of online teaching on what’s app group. At least through such sessions, we should learn new technologies.

Report prepared by: Ms. Mayuri Pawar.