What is effective teaching? My definition

Date and Time  : 19-07-2020, 11:00 – 12:30 am

Facilitator: Satyawati Rawool & Narendra Deshmukh 

In this webinar, teachers and HBCSE staff were sharing their point of views and experiences, and Dr. Rawool was playing an essential role in shaping the discussion.

Dr Rawool tried to bring following points in the discussion:

  • Effective teaching is defined as to help each student to successfully master the skill of constructing knowledge through various study processes on their own initiative.
  • A good teacher always tries to build a positive learning environment that is helpful for development of all students.
  • Prioritizing classwork and tasks related to it is very crucial. It helps in using your time effectively.
  • Teacher should not impose her ideas or opinions on the class. Teachers should always try to think from students’ prospective.
  • Encourage students to learn from each other, work in small groups without creating competitive environment.

Experiences and points shared by teachers and HBCSE staff:

  • Sushant said that it is very important to know and consider students background while teaching. Socio-economical background has very high influence on students’ responses and their behavior. He told that if a wrong answer comes from girls group then boys group laugh at them. But if anyone from boys group gives a wrong answer, then it is okay. Thus, studying background of all the students in class plays a crucial role in effective teaching.
  • Harshada ma’am noted that teaching can be called effective if it motivates students to learn and develops interest in it. The learning process should never stop.
  •  Prakash sir said that important part of effective teaching is to make students think. We should promote curiosity in learning.

Report prepared by: Ms. Megha Chougule