What is effective teaching? My definition 2 Aug 2020

Date and Time  : 02-08-2020, 11:00 – 12:00 am

Facilitator: Narendra Deshmukh & Satyavati Rawool.

  • At the beginning of the session, Deshmukh sir & Satyavati ma’am asked teacher participants to share their views about effective teaching and asked what effective teaching according to them is?
  • While sharing experiences, Harshada madam said that students learn easily when teachers’ connect daily life experiences with teaching. She also added that even new education policy also emphasized on experiential learning.
  • Poorna ma’am said that, through the teaching-learning process when good or suitable transformation happens in students then such teaching is said to be effective teaching. To explain this point she shared her experience. She said how students in her Ashram school stopped wasting food when they realized the farmers’ efforts behind growing food. Students realized this when they were learning topic related with the food. Students had been easily connected to this as most of them belong to farmers’ families. Poorna ma’am observed that since students connected this topic to their daily life, the necessary transformation happened in their action. Means they stopped wasting food.
  • Deshmukh sir said that behavioural, emotional and cognitive engagement of both students and teachers are essential in TLP. He also mentioned that for effective teaching teachers should try to engage students actively and happily in the learning process. 
  • Prakash sir said that when students start thinking after the teacher taught some topic, If some questions are arising in students mind on the basis of their daily life experiences after learning, then such kind of teaching-learning process can be said to be effective.
  • Then Rawool ma’am asked whether we can say the teaching process of Prof. Lampert is effective? [In the previous 3 webinars, the paper ‘Mathematical reading of first chapter of “Instances of Teaching Practices” by Magdalene Lampert (Marathi Translated version of that article)’ had been referred.]
  • Replying to Rawool madam’s question Mayuri said, The TLP of Lampert seems to be effective as in that TLP all students had given an opportunity to talk and express their views.  Lampert was not only encouraging all students to answer but also thinking about what’s going on in students’ minds while solving problems. The Lampert teacher was giving quick responses to students and her response was helpful for students to decide on their own whether their solution is correct or not.
  • Deshmukh sir concluded the session by saying that we should now think about how we can implement/use the different aspects of effective teaching discussed in today’s webinar while teaching any topic now onwards.

Report prepared by: Mayuri Pawar & Pranav Khot.