Role of enquiry approach

Date and Time  : 24-05-2020, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Facilitator: Dr.Satyawati Rawool and Dr. Narendra Deshmukh.

Focus of the webinar: Role of teachers or facilitators in evolving among the students the culture of inquiry.

  • Satyavati ma’am explained that enquiry begins when a person starts observing, sensing, feeling discrepancies, wondering about experiences and starts questioning. She explained this by giving a few examples.
  • SR also explained the steps of developing answers of enquiry, which included prediction, forming hypothesis, mental experimentation using systems approach, construct understanding, etc. She mentioned that to implement inquiry approach teachers should create a free classroom environment where students can ask questions fearlessly and put their views. Teachers should look after that there would not be any stress on students’ minds.
  • Deshmukh sir shared following reference sites related with this:

  • Prakash sir said that Inquiry-based approach is good. Considering the practical problems of teachers, it’s not good to blame teachers if they are unable to use inquiry-based approach. In school, they have many responsibilities other than teaching too. Like, they need to complete the syllabus at a definite time.
  • Deshmukh sir requested participant teachers that try to teach to their students using an inquiry-based approach. For this, follow the steps of developing answers of inquiry shared by Satyavati ma’am in today’s webinar.

Report prepared by: Mayuri Pawar & Pranav Khot.