Learning Mathematics through games and stories.

Date and Time  : 04-06-2020, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

  • At the beginning of the session, Megha explained the importance of Mathematics in our daily life. She emphasized that students like games and stories much. So if we teach them Mathematics through games and stories then it will be easy for them to understand the Maths and they will also enjoy it. In this webinar, she tried to highlight the advantages of teaching Mathematics through games and stories.
  • While sharing her experience of Mathematics teaching she said that children often don’t understand that Multiplication is the process of using repeated addition. She also explained how she removed some students’ confusion about the expansion formula (a+b)2.
  • She explained the Pythagorean Theorem using a farmer’s story and said that if we teach students Maths by giving examples then it will be easy for them to understand & remember the concepts.
  • She also said that students learn the area of the circle in school. But they don’t understand why the area of the circle is ∏r2. She explained why the area of the circle is (pi)r using the story of Beckmann.

Views shared by other participants:

  • Satyavati ma’am said that in Mathematics too we should allow children to do experiments and discussion should happen based on the experiences they gain through their experiments. Only Maths teaching aids/kits are not important but teachers’ interaction with students is crucial for better learning.
  • Shaila Thakur ma’am said that Mathematics will be easy for students once they understand how formulae are formed/derived. She also said that in the workshop organized by HBCSE we learned that we should give an opportunity to students to make the formulae. When we give students formulae directly then they forget those formulae after some time. And unable to solve examples. But when they make/form formulas on their own, that experience of self-creation makes students happy. Whatever teaching strategies we learned in the HBCSE workshop, we have implemented in our school and we found those strategies very useful.
  • Aaloka praised Megha’s idea of bringing Maths through games and stories. Adding to this she said that even traditional stories also contain Mathematics. Maths in the folk tales are quite interesting. We should try to bring mathematics of the folk tales and games in the classroom while teaching Maths. Teaching Maths through games and stories all such things will work only when teachers and students will create a subject in the class by interacting with each other. So the culture of discussing the subject is important. Teaching through games and stories will enhance this culture of discussion.
  • Mayuri said that, while teaching Maths when teachers give different daily life examples to students then it helps students to understand the concepts in a better way.
  • Vadodkar sir said that stories shared by Megha in this webinar for teaching different concepts in Maths would be useful for students.
  • Namdeo Chavan sir said that students learn Maths easily when we give them the opportunity to do things on their own. 

Report prepared by: Mayuri Pawar & Pranav Khot.